Ceremony Decor

No matter the type of venue you have chosen for your wedding ceremony, choosing the right ceremony décor will add the appropriate accents where they need to be, draw the eye to where it needs to go, and will play an important role in memorizing your wedding in the minds of guests. We understand that couples don’t always have the advantages of remodelling a space in full and thus choosing the right ceremony décor, blending it in with the intended decorations and any existing décor, using the shapes and lighting of the existing space is key.

Ceremony décor has a number of different style options including minimalist-inspired arbour draping, uniquely designed ceremony backdrops, pew draping for those ceremonies which are being held in a church, aisle draping for those ceremonies not being hosted in a church, a round ceremony canopy as well as square ceremony canopy, free standing shepherd hooks that can be used to line the aisle indoors or outdoors and can be used to hang flowers or other decor, candles to line the aisle and rustic wine barrels and lanterns.

Depending upon what kind of wedding décor you have chosen for your event, any of these selections may be appropriate. It is always worth remembering that wedding ceremony décor should be used sparingly to create the most color-effective, dramatic wedding possible. Depending on the options selected, sometimes the décor items can be moved from your ceremony location and brought into your reception décor. When choosing your wedding décor, it is best to know the limits of what the venue allows, use your budget as a guide, and to ensure that any ideas or priorities are discussed in full with your wedding décor specialist.

Remember that the focus of your ceremony will be on you and the rest of the wedding party at the altar, so you can’t go wrong if you make this area the top priority for ceremony décor. Couples have been able to find and adapt different pieces of ceremony décor to heighten the memorable beauty of their ceremony.

Aisle Draping

Arbour Draping

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrop

Crystal Ceremony Backdrop

Pew Draping

Round Ceremony Canopy

Shepherd Hooks – Black – Free Standing

Wine Barrels

Wooden Ceremony Arbour

Signing Table