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Charger Plates

Charger plates are not typically thought of in the initial stages of wedding decor planning but they make for a very simply way to add interest and incorporate colour into your wedding tables. If you are looking for a way to introduce other colors or metallics from your palette into the design of your wedding, this makes for a great opportunity to do so.

Choosing the right charger plates for your special day involves getting to know the theme you want to present in your décor. If you’re planning an opulent affair, going for some matching gold on your charger plates is an appropriate choice. Think of what your guests might expect to see with the rest of the décor around them and then tailor your charger plates to add a little bit more of that feel into the mix.

Charger plates can add a lot of dimension to the table setup for guests and are something that your guests will remember. Amongst the options here, the subtle beads on the silver beaded glass charger plate and the gold beaded glass charger plate are small, loving touches that add dimension while subsequently also incorporating your colour choices. The solid gold charger plate, solid black charger plate, and solid silver charger plate are options that work well with both dark and light palettes. Gold or silver will elevate any theme or table arrangement you are going for, adding something special without going over the top.

Silver Beaded Glass Charger

Gold Beaded Glass Charger

Gold Charger Plate

Black Charger Plate

Silver Charger Plate