Wedding Money Boxes Rental Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Burlington

Money Boxes

Money boxes, typically referred to as a card box, are used by couples as a means of collecting cards from guests. They can be a delicate addition to any wedding decor setup while also providing a utility for the marrying couple.

Throughout the past few years, birdcages have been used more and more in the place of money boxes as a cute, touching tribute. Numerous couples have taken to using these types of wedding décor birdcages as centerpieces and decorating accessories as well. Among the money box options available to the bride and groom is the ivory bird cage, gold birdcage; the simple, minimalist white bird cage; or the unique silver gift, white gift or gold gift as well as a Lantern. Each of these products have been used in wedding celebrations and are an excellent way to engage one’s creativity and personalize your wedding décor.

In addition to the options available here, taking any of these and adding additional elements such as ribbons, candles, floral accents, signs, and other décor accents are a super way to make either of these options fun and uniquely creative to you. If you’re looking for an idea on how to appropriately introduce a money box into your wedding setup, any of the options available here are an ideal, no-pressure way to do that.

Gold Gift Box

Gold Bird Cage

Large Lantern

Ivory Bird Cage

White Bird Cage

Silver Gift